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A Small Tool in the Fight For Design Diversity

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If the fact that i'm the son of a printer and a fashion designer and didn't think about design as a career until I was into my thirties is any indication, there's a problem with the path to design careers for people of color. The problems are well documented. 

People of color thrive in many creative disciplines, but design doesn't seem to be one of them. The problems stem from several places: restrictive culture fits, prejudicial hiring practices, a lack of a clear pipeline for designers of color and scattered resources and role models that upcoming creatives can look to, to name a few.

Huntgather tackles one facet of the diversity problem. We make black design more discoverable so it can be used as an educational tool. It makes it easier for young creatives to see a future in professional design if they see great work from people like themselves.

I built out this brand strategy to give direction to the path that Huntgather will take in the future:

Brand Strategy

Brand Trait: Cultivation.

Purpose: To cultivate more black designers.

Promise: We will cultivate more black designers through inspiration and education.

Tone of Voice: Fun, laidback, and informative. Can teach through humour.

Positioning: We don’t focus on networking of professionals or telling the story of designers. We educate and develop the next generation of black creatives and use the work of existing black designers as a pathway to learning.

Culture: Laidback, structured, inquisitive, and helpful.

X-Factor: Unity and support of black business.

Brand Statement: Huntgather cultivates new black designers by inspiring and educating through the work of established black designers.

Tagline: Elevating Black Design

The first execution of the strategy can be found at It's a simple gallery of great creative work by black designers. It gives young creatives a place to find not only work by people that look like them, but GREAT work by people that look like them. So when we ask, "Where are all the black designers?" the answer will be