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Modest Projects Built on Insights, Part 2

Modest Part2@3x.png

Art Direction and Design: Chris Richardson
Copywriting: Johnathan McFadden and Chris Richardson

This project was initiated by one of our sales staff who leveraged a connection in his network to get a good deal on a full year of ad space in a print magazine that serves a wealthy, upscale audience. He also had the resources and time to invest more into this project than most of our other staff do, so we were able to have him as the centerpiece with custom photography, to help build his personal brand with this audience.

Our usual target audience is first-time homebuyers, millennials, or previous buyers who've had a less than optimal lending experience in the past. Our value proposition centers around speed. We have a faster mortgage process than every other lender in the industry. 

Through exploratory talks with the sales staff member the insight arose that our core benefit doesn't matter much to the wealthy. So we had to frame our usual message in a way that would appeal to them.

We took our usual marketing look which encompasses hand lettering, full color overlays, images of young families, and toned it down, made it simpler, cleaner and more sophisticated. We focused on building a relationship with the Loan Officer and translating our 3 step process into ideas.

1. Our 6 Hour Upfront Underwriting became about Preparation.

2. Our 7 Day Processing became about Momentum.

3. And our 1 Day Closing became about Peace of Mind.

We ended up with an ad that felt like it belonged in this magazine and spoke our message to the audience in a language they could understand.