Various smaller projects

Modest Projects Built on Insights, Part 1


This project is a simple print flier I designed but it illustrates the need to know how the end user will use what you produce and what barriers may prevent things from going as planned.

The fliers we create for our sales team are generally printed professionally, so using heavy color saturations and full bleed designs, aren't an issue. The downside to that is the added cost of printing vs just printing on an office printer and the extended turntime of outsourced printing and shipping.

So a flier designed like this becomes a burden to a sales team member who needs something now, inexpensive and can be produced effectively on an office printer.

For top performing sales staff, the cost of printing is negligible, but for sales staff who are having a bad month (or few months) and need resources now, every dollar counts. So a simple refocusing on the limitations of the method of production and the needs and constraints of the user, produces a marketing piece that serves it's purpose quickly, beautifully and within limitations. My unique position as a designer who does custom pieces for our sales team, gives me a deeper access to the wants and needs of our staff and gives me the insights needed to refocus design to work more effectively for our sales team.