Various smaller projects

At the crossroads of craft and lunch

This concept started as a school project for a copy writing class. We had to write copy for a menu for a sandwich restaurant. The concept was to have a restaurant where the menu was created by the patrons. They would choose from ingredients and create their own sandwich. Then they would be able to name that sandwich after themselves. In this way, it would be like they owned a piece of the company because their sandwich would be on the menu. This inspired the name IPO, Initial Public Offering. Buying a sandwich would be like buying shares of our company. It gave the customers a sense of ownership. This spawned this initial visual treatment.

It was based around the stock pages of a newspaper. Simple black and white on newsprint with a  stock ticker type listing of ingredient usage set in a monospace typeface. This was fine, but truly lacked direction. There was a core idea, but no strategy to take that idea and build it into a living breathing brand. So I went back and reevaluated what the core of this brand was and could be. I found the idea of inspiring and sharing the creativity of the community to be a stronger position for the brand to defend.

From this strategy I was better able to understand how a visual representation of it could evolve. It called for brighter colors to attract creative eyes. It also begged for creative spaces throughout the brand's environment for customers to create. The creativity didn't need to stop at the food. The doodlebug became the symbol that could be used throughout the space that could lead customers to places for creation. Invitations to share on social platforms would help spread the brand message to the masses via their own creations. The identity had taken on a greater form than it's humble beginning could have imagined.

The next step in the process is to map out when and where we'll be speaking to our users. That should help in developing a specific tone and voice for the brand. But that's a subject for another day. I'll be back with more.