Various smaller projects

Dictionary by Dre

How do you ruin all the equity of a pre-1900 brand? Make the logo look like Beats by Dre and try to target "millennials" with a messy, cluttered grid layout on your website.

My initial effort was a visual overhaul. I used the "O" and the "X" as the building basis of the initial mark. I developed it to a place that I was initially happy with but of course happiness fades, so almost a year later I revised it. Here is the build up and the final state.

I wanted to create a brand that can hold on to the distinguished experience of the past and find a way to appeal to new users. In a space that's cluttered with quick answers that aren't always accurate (Wikipedia, Google Search) and dictionaries that focus more on words than people (, Merriam-Webster) this brand needs to be highly focused and set apart.

The next step is to tackle the mountain of building a strategy for the brand that can take it beyond the confines of the leather binding, and into the conciousness of an internet culture.