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Imbuela - We Put Spirit Into Things


My mother Stephanie Dickey is a fashion designer and i've been brainstorming ways for us to work together on a project. She fuses African textiles with European inspired pieces and vice versa. This idea grew out of that idea of fusion.

It began as Beulah. For me that's the stereotypical name for a young southern gal. The product would be a sundress made with variations in african textiles. As a starting point it was limited to say the least, but over time it evolved as the idea was flushed out.

Starting with a summer garment brought in the idea of seasonality. This could be THE dress for summer. It could be your connection to the season of nightlife, sunny days, and freedom. Limited availability of the product could add an interesting dimension to the product. This lead me to the brand strategy for what came to be Imbuela.

Imbuela Brand Strategy

Brand trait: Preservation

Purpose: Capture life's moments

Promise: Create greater connections to your memories

Tone: The joy of the bucket list. Full of hope. Like time is of the essence. Days are not to be wasted. In the moment, in the now. Inspirational. Sunny. Optimistic.

Positioning: A seasonal limited time brand that "pops-up" annually. Unpretentious, affordable quality. Unique pieces available every year. Direct to consumer.

Culture: Focused, Free, and forward thinking.

X-Factor: We're not afraid to be unavailable.

Brand Statement

Imbuela is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the connections people have with their memories through their objects and experiences.

From this brand strategy, I've built out an initial exploration of what the site could be. The focus is on sales conversion and showing the limited time that the brand will be live for the season.